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I do a cleaning job once a week for an older man. At 57 he is 30 years older than me, but still attractive and in a very - how I can know with During the summer I went one day in a floral summer dress - very short and sweet of my breasts 36D, and I realized I could not stop looking at them, as we chatted. This began for me very excited and I had some ideas pretty dirty when I went to my cleaning. I went to his study to see if you want a cup of tea and found him with his hard cock in hand. Embarrassingly, excused cliphunters himself and left turn, left. I said no - and came up and began to masturbate. He said it was my fault anyway, as I had woken up a lot, and told me to bend over his desk while he punished me. He pushed my skirt at the waist and the cliphunters loss of my ass - quietly at first, then louder, unitl my pussy was cliphunters soaking wet. He said he would wait for him in his bed - and I have to admit, at this point I was painful to feel his hard cock in me. He followed cliphunters me and told me to slide on top of my dress down, then slide the bra to expose my nipples hard, which began to suck and lick what I complain a little. He told me to pull my underwear cliphunters and slid down, as he pushed my dress at the waist. He said the turn around and began to soak cliphunters your fingers in and out of my parachute pussy, then the first two, then three, I 'm sorry stronger. He told me how bad I am, as he fucked me ass spanking once in a while with the other hand was the finger. He pushed his hard cock into me slowly started to go as deep as you would know what to take, and then to fuck me. He told me to play with my clit, and feeling like I wanted to come to me and wanted my juices soaking his cock while he fucked me harder and faster. With my fingers rubbing my clit, it was not long before I was completely in the queue. He turned and pulled out his cock, masturbating for me until I came all over my big tits,Rub my nipples erect. When I came to an end, he said - he wanted me to enter the tube at home in his print, so I slipped on my dress and went to know the warm feeling all the way home, my parents came under his was all over my stomach and my breasts, and brought me back as soon as I got home ! is Needless to say, I was still in the 'clean', but we also have many other fun !
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